Exterior Stucco and Stone Services

Toronto Stucco Contractor

Installation of high-quality EIFS stucco services in and all around the GTA.

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Commercial and Industrial Stucco Services

Not only limited to Residential ! We also provide Stucco services for Commercial and Industrial Projects.

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Award-Winning Stucco Contractor

Holistic Contracting Inc. has over 90+ Reviews from satisfied clients all around the GTA.

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Exterior Stucco Services
Comprehensive Stucco Services in Toronto: Offering new installations, expert repairs, and professional painting to elevate and protect your property's exterior.
Exterior Veneer Stone
Veneer Stone Services
Elevate your property's appeal with our veneer stone installation services in Toronto, providing a sophisticated and durable exterior finish.
exterior repair in progress
Exterior Stucco Repairs
Expert Exterior Stucco Repairs in Toronto: Restore the beauty and integrity of your property with our professional stucco repair services, ensuring lasting durability and aesthetic appeal.
exterior stucco arched mouldings
Custom Stucco Mouldings
Custom Stucco Moulding Installation: Enhance your property's character and style with our bespoke stucco moulding services, tailored to bring elegance and distinction to your exterior.
exterior foundation parging on the side of the house
Foundation Parging
Foundation Parging and Repair Services: Strengthen and beautify your property’s base with our expert parging and repair solutions, ensuring structural integrity and a polished appearance.
Jewel Stone Services
ewel Stone Services: Transform your spaces with our Jewel Stone applications, offering luxurious, durable finishes that add elegance and value to your property.
stucco paint
Stucco Painting
Stucco Painting Services: Refresh and protect your exterior with our stucco painting solutions, delivering a flawless finish and long-lasting beauty to your property.
Brick and Stone Staining
Brick and Stone Staining Services: Revitalize the look of your property with our staining services, enhancing the natural beauty of brick and stone for a refreshed and vibrant appearance.