Jewel Stone installation

Jewel stone

Jewel stone is an acrylic concrete overlay system which can be used to transform ordinary to extraordinary looks. It can be used to both restore and beautify the existing concrete.

jewel stone texture

What is Jewel Stone?

Jewel Stone is not just a material; it's a transformative element that elevates the ordinary to extraordinary. It's a concrete overlay product, which allows for a seamless blend of utility and aesthetics, suitable for a wide range of applications. You can easily achieve the luxurious look of flagstone, tile or wood plank.

Where Can You Install Jewel Stone?

Jewel Stone's remarkable adaptability makes it perfect for various installations. You can apply Jewel Stone on interior walls and floors, as well as exterior walkways, patios, verandas and porches.

Why Choose Jewel Stone?

Choosing Jewel Stone for your concrete overlay system presents several compelling benefits.

First, its exceptional durability ensures a long-lasting surface that can withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy foot traffic, making it a wise investment for both residential and commercial properties.

Secondly, Jewel Stone offers a wide range of customizable design options, allowing homeowners and businesses to create unique, aesthetically pleasing surfaces that can mimic more expensive materials like natural stone or tiles at a fraction of the cost.

Additionally, the installation process of Jewel Stone is quicker and less invasive than traditional concrete replacement, minimizing downtime and inconvenience. Furthermore, its low maintenance requirements make it an economical and time-saving choice for those seeking a high-quality, visually appealing surface without the constant upkeep.

Overall, Jewel Stone stands out as a versatile, cost-effective, and durable solution for enhancing the appeal and functionality of any space.

Jewel Stone: Transforms everyday concrete into beautiful decorative faux stone finishes


Jewel Stone's superior durability guarantees a surface that remains intact through extreme weather and extensive use, sering as reliable option for both homes and businesses.


The versatility in design choices with Jewel Stone allows for the creation of distinctive, eye-catching surfaces that can replicate the look of luxurious materials such as marble or ceramic tiles, but at a significantly lower cost


Jewel Stone can be applied to most surfaces to create the beautiful look you desire. Its ease of maintenance further adds to its appeal, providing a practical and attractive solution for anyone looking to upgrade their space with minimal fuss


Jewel Stone is a low-maintenance and economical choice to achieve high quality and visually appealing surface. It's also cheaper compared to replacing concrete and or installing interlocking or other types of stones