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Holistic Contracting: Best Stucco Contractor in Toronto

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When it comes to Exterior Stucco and Stone, Holistic Contracting is your leading source of services in expertise, offering guaranteed superior performance and quality. Best-rated reputation is solid because of committed superior results and passion for the art in stucco craftsmanship; first choice in stucco services. We are a leading service in exterior stucco and stone installations, serving with pride the greater Toronto area and surroundings.
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We work only with the best material suppliers for stucco and stone, which are approved by CCMC, and this reflects what our high standard is all about. It is why the combination with our years of experience, plus our dedication to using only the very best material, assures that over and over again, we can produce great finishes—one after another, continuously surpassing expectations. These are just a few reasons why we are considered one of the best stucco companies in in the Greater Toronto Area.
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Our service area includes the city of Toronto and expands to areas like Ajax, Markham, Pickering, Aurora, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, and beyond. Choose Holistic Contracting for a stucco contractor synonymous with excellence, where quality meets mastery in creating beautiful, durable, and lasting stucco finishes that will transform your property
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Trust Holistic Contracting with all your exterior stucco needs from quality to mastery, to creating beautiful, durable and long-lasting exterior cladding on your property.

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What are some of the stucco textures available?

stucco paint texture roll on
stucco paint texture coarse
stucco finish texture pebble rock
stucco finish texture marble fine
stucco finish texture marble coat regular
stucco finish texture venetian
stucco finish texture max coat
stucco finish texture coarse coat
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Working With Holistic Contracting


Expertise and Experience:

Leverage our 14+ years' experience in Stucco and Stone Services—to be a trusted name among hundreds of satisfied clients across GTA! A tremendous amount of experience, combined with immaculate craftsmanship, assures top quality and gives guarantees of the contentment of clients. We are the best stucco and stone contractor in Toronto and the surroundings! We got solutions for any of your stucco-related issues.

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The use of best available Stucco products:

Embrace superior quality with our Exterior Stucco finishes, utilizing industry-leading materials from DuRock, Durabond, Sto, Senergy and more! Our commitment to excellence is showcased through our use of top-tier products available on the market. Opt for the best, and let our expertise with quality materials enhance your property's value and appearance!

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exterior stone with stucco

Comprehensive Exterior Services:

We offer the best Stucco Services that cover every aspect of your project from start to finish. We handle all phases, including preparation, installation and finishing, providing a hassle-free solution for you. Trust us to deliver excellence at every step, tailored to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.
 Some of our services include; Stucco Repairs, Stucco Painting, Stone Veneer, Brick Staining and Jewel Stone installation.

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guaranteed work

Stucco services with full-warranty

You can invest in our stucco and stone services, backed by our 10-year warranty! This assurance shows our commitment to quality, offering you a peace of mind that your investment is best protected. We can 100% guarantee that our installations will stand the test of time.

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Long list of satisfied Client reviews

award winning award

2023 - Best Exterior Stucco Contractor


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Ethics & Business

What to look for in your Stucco Contractor:

The Stucco contractor  should prioritize ethics and business practices to ensure that it operates with integrity and maintains a positive reputation. Here are some points to consider when it comes to hiring your Stucco Contractor in Toronto:

  • Honesty and Transparency: The contractor should prioritize honesty and transparency in all its dealings with clients. This entails clear communication about pricing, project timelines, and any challenges that might arise during the execution of a project.
  • Fair Treatment: Fair treatment to clients by the Stucco Contractor should involve providing equitable, respectful, and unbiased services, ensuring that every client's needs are addressed with integrity and transparency.
  • Compliance: The contractor  should operate in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards. This includes safety and environmental regulations, labor laws, and other legal requirements.
  • Respect: The Stucco Contractor must consistently show the highest level of respect to all clients, without discrimination based on race, age, sex, gender, religion, ethnicity, or any other characteristic.
  • Accountability: The Contractor must be fully responsible for their work, ensuring high-quality services and addressing any issues quickly. They should communicate clearly and fix problems fast, building trust with customers.
  • Continuous Improvement: The Contractor should always aim to enhance their services, constantly seeking ways to improve quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, ensuring they stay ahead in delivering exceptional value.
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Continuous Improvement
Fair Treatment
Honesty and Transparency

Top homeowner questions

What type of stucco do i have?

To determine the type of stucco you have, you can perform simple tests. One method is the "Knock Test": if the wall sounds hollow and feels soft when you knock on it, it's likely EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System); if it feels like knocking on a hard surface, it's probably traditional stucco. Additionally, you can inspect the exterior cladding near the foundation; EIFS typically extends further out from the wall due to the foam board insulation used in its construction, whereas traditional stucco lies closer to the wall. These tests are not definitive, so for an accurate determination, consulting a professional is recommended

How Long Does EIFS or Traditional Stucco Last?

The longevity of EIFS compared to traditional stucco largely depends on the quality of installation and ongoing maintenance. EIFS can last as long as traditional stucco when properly installed and maintained, with some EIFS installations from the 1960s still in good condition today. Both materials require regular inspections and maintenance to address any potential issues early, ensuring their durability and longevity

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