June 25, 2024

Stucco Repair Materials: Everything You Need to Know

Stucco is a very popular exterior finish, known for its versatile design, colours and aesthetic appeal, but over time, it may require repairs. Some people are hands on and prefer to get things done themselves. In this guide, we will discuss what stucco materials you need and how to use them properly to repair your stucco


Stucco Repair Materials You Need

Stucco Cement: A high-quality stucco cement is the most important step of any repair job. You need to get this cementitious product which is flexible and durable. This is also the same material used as the base layer when installing your exterior stucco.

Glue(Bonding Agent): A bonding agent helps the new stucco cement to properly adhere to the surface, ensuring durable repair. With some materials, you mix bonding agent with cement, with some you only add water. Ask your supplier for more information.

Fiberglass Mesh: You will need to use fiberglass mesh to reinforce the stucco cement, to prevent future cracking.

Trowel or Scraper: You will need either one of these to be able to properly apply the cement and achieve a smooth look.

Choosing the Right Stucco Repair Products

When selecting stucco repair materials, consider the type of stucco used on your building, the extent of the damage and your local climate. Sometimes, you will need to go to specific Stucco suppliers, such as Durock, to get the right materials for your project.


Factors to Consider When Buying Stucco Repair Materials

A lot of people tend to go to their local hardware store to buy most of the construction-related materials. Even though it’s more convenient, it may not be the best call, when repairing stucco. Depending on the condition and type of stucco you have, you might have to go to Stucco Suppliers to get the proper product. It may end up costing you more, but at least with the proper product selection, you will avoid repeating the repairs.


Step-by-Step Guide to Using Stucco Repair Materials

1.    Prepare the Surface: The area needs to be cleaned and have any loose or damaged stucco removed before you get started with any further repair work.

2.    Mix Stucco: Follow your manufacturer’s instructions to mix the base-layer cement properly, to the right consistency.

3.    Apply The Base-Layer: Using your trowel or scraper, apply the cement mix to the repair area, and smooth it out as needed.

4.    Reinforce with Mesh: Embed the fiberglass reinforcing mesh into the wet basecoat cement. Depending on the weather conditions, you will usually need to wait about 24 hours for the cement to cure properly.

5.    Apply finish coat or masonry paint: You can now apply your textured stucco coat, or the paint over the repaired area to match any texture and colour on your existing walls.


If you are unsure about anything related to stucco installations and stucco repairs, feel free to contact us!

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